Snakes and Ladders : Special Edition (Trains and Ladders)

The age-old classic for every young learner is great for embedding the concepts of small numbers, counting and luck.  Students need to understand simple addition and subtract behind the game in order to get their train to the finish.

If you get lucky then you might find a bonus ladder which takes you to the finish even quicker than before.  It might not seem obvious but there are plenty of reasons to play this game with your young learner….

5 Reasons to play snakes and ladders games for learning:

  • Counting

    This game helps motivate children to count as part of the mechanism of moving around the board

  • One-to-one correspondence

    This essentially requires that children count accurate and match their finger position to the number.  This is an essential skill for young learners who are on their journey toward learning to read.

  • Numerical recognition

    Rolling the dice and counting the numbers on the board requires children to count up accurately, ensuring they take the number on the dice and apply it their piece on the board – a great application of number recognition.

  • Maths language

    Children are encouraged to use maths words and concepts in terms of backward, forward, before and after – principles that come in handy later down the line.

  • Subitising

    This is the ability to see a small number of objects and count the number without counting one by one.  The dice is a perfect example which helps support this kind of skill which can be applied to many other types of number-based activities.

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