Play Based Activity Pack

This learning activity pack contains lots of interactive, play-based learning activities, games and exercises.

Kids love to play and learn and this pack is perfect for helping your little learner to understand simple concepts through interactive, tactile learning.

This learning pack contains games, activities and exercises for:

  • Learning about Colours
  • Learning about Light and Dark colours
  • Learning Numbers 1 to 10
  • Learning about Shapes
  • Understanding Left and Right
  • Understanding Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise
  • Understanding Sorting and Grouping
  • Learning about Sizes
  • Learn about Positions (Back, Front and Middle)
  • Learning about Long and Short
  • Learning about Letter Sounds
  • Learning Animal Vocabulary
  • Animal Shadow Matching Game
  • Polar Bear Maze Game
  • Learning about Inside and Outside

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