Go Explore – 2021 Wall Calendar

Inspire kids with this amazing photograph wall calendar.

This 2021 Printable Wall Calendar contains a curated collection of photographs courtesy of photographers around the globe.

Photographs can serve as a great inspiration to kids and adults alike so why not this out and hang it somewhere memorable around the house.

You can write on the back of each page to keep track of notes for the upcoming month.

How to hang this printable wall calendar?

There are many different ways to hang the calendar but the simplest of all is to use a simple clip. It is easy to remove pages at the end of each month.

Wave texture paper board design mockup

Why calendars are useful for kids?

Sticking to a consistent routine is important for kids and using a calendar makes it easier to organise the schedule in one central place, you can use a calendar for creating simple routines, keep track of memorable dates and times.

You can mark off each of the days using a black felt tip marker or use a different colour to highlight special events on the calendar.

The backside of the calendar is free for you to write notes, ideas and thoughts!

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