Checkers / Draughts : Foxes and Hounds Edition

Remember the classic board game Checkers, also know as Draughts?

This printed version gives kids access to a classic game which has stood the test of time.

It is a game which is excellent at building critical thinking as children get the chance to exercise their mental muscle power by taking their opponents pieces.  Its a deceptively simple game on the face of it but complexity lies in the strategy undertaken to beat your opponent.

Here are 4 great reasons why kids love this game and its great for learning:

  1. Memory recall

    With loads of potential moves in the game and strategies in the game, young learners begin to remember tactics and strategies to help them win, recognising patterns and problems each chance they get to play.

  2. Concentration

    Decision making is an important part to the game, 1 wrong move and you could find yourself in trouble. Kids learn by making mistakes and winning, its the only way to learn!

  3. Confidence and Self Esteem

    With each win children can become more confident about the knowledge they’ve learned.  It is fantastic way build confidence by seeing that more practice means more skills and more winning!

  4. Social skills

    Its a great game for interacting with family and friends as its rules are simple which means that anyone can play anyone else – perfect!

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