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My Scene Pop-Up Play

Once you've purchased a collection, there is no limit to the number of pieces you can print and create - if you want more, simply print more!
If you are not 100% happy with the product, simply send us a quick message explaining why and we'll refund your money. No questions asked.
Yes! Each month we plan to create more piece so that you can keep building your collection.
Sure, we'd love to hear from anyone with any suggestions for content and creations - drop us a quick email to let us know more!
If your printing at home with regular paper you, can make the pieces more robust by one or both of the following:1) Print on photo paper - this improves the quality and makes them a little more durable as photo paper is usually thicker and more durable2) Laminate the pieces - this option takes a little more time but is perfect if your looking to ensure your collection stands the test of time. Simply add an extra step in your craft and creation process!
Naturally My Scene pieces pack down flat, so they can be kept in a folder. We have a printable cover that you can add to our collection to keep it neat and tidy. We also have a collection of cover sheets to keep everything neat, tidy and well organised. Simply email us an we'll send you the templates!

Play and Learn Courses

Each course varies according to the content, but usually a course will contain a learning element which is focused on a particular aspect of child learning and development.Courses usually incorporate an explanation (lessons), videos to support learning, quizzes to test knowledge and printable learn resources which can help facilitate kinaesthetic learning.
We offer the same refund policy with our online courses as we do with our Pop-Up Play Scenery. If you aren't happy with the course you've taken, simply email us a with a quick explanation as to why and we will refund you the full cost of the course!
If your have trouble accessing your account, simply email us and we will help restore access to your account.
If your having a problem seeing the courses and downloads you've purchased, please contact us via the contact us page and we'll do our best to get you back up and running!

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